wohoooo, yeeeeees! After more than 8 years, i solved notpron :) notpron describes itself as “the hardest riddle available on the internet” and yes, it is! 8 years for 140 levels, eh, enough said… ;)

I started it with uwe, Eleras, Kabelmaulwurf, kimperator and punisher back in 2008 or 2009, on the 25c3 or 26c3. We had another try in 2013 but it was too hard, until 2017 :) New hope, new ideas – let’s go! It’s really hard! Like i mentioned before, there are 140 levels, 82 positive, 44 negative and 14 greek levels. You need a lot of different skills like knowledge of html/css, sound/graphic editing, cryptography, etc.

Try it yourself at :)


  1. Yeah of course. Check my contact details in the right navigation bar and contact me via irc in the #notpron channel :)

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