Der Backofen

… damals im ICQ…

(09:11:05 PM) Smoky: duuuuu
(09:11:08 PM) Smoky: mal ne frage
(09:11:17 PM) hAcky: hey
(09:11:32 PM) Smoky: hat mein Herd Umluft? ne oder?
(09:11:38 PM) Smoky: *schäm*
(09:11:52 PM) hAcky: ich schmeiss mich weg
(09:11:53 PM) hAcky: sorry
(09:11:55 PM) hAcky: :O:O:O:O
(09:12:03 PM) Smoky: ja du warst die letzte Frau am herd
(09:12:09 PM) hAcky: aeh ne, soweit ich mich erinnere, hast du nur ober und unterhitze
(09:12:10 PM) Smoky: und ich bin mir nicht sicher
(09:12:19 PM) Smoky: will mir son fisch machen
(09:12:21 PM) hAcky: lolol was fuer symbole hast du auf dem dreh dings?
(09:12:50 PM) Smoky: jo so 2 dingens, einmal sone welle oben
(09:12:53 PM) Smoky: einmal unten
(09:13:02 PM) hAcky: ok das ist ober unter hitze
(09:13:21 PM) Smoky: und was ist wenn da jetzt bei der zubereitung steht
(09:13:41 PM) Smoky: entweder umluft xy°C oder Ober UND Unterhitze bei xy°C
(09:13:53 PM) Smoky: ich kann aber nur eins von beiden anwählen
(09:14:10 PM) Smoky: oder schalt ich dann beides gar net zu
(09:14:13 PM) Smoky: ??
(09:14:21 PM) Smoky: ich bin echt zu doof
(09:14:58 PM) hAcky: umluft hat ne art ventilator als logo
(09:15:24 PM) Smoky: nur entweder oder
(09:15:29 PM) Smoky: voll der billig herd
(09:15:45 PM) Smoky: also lass ich ihn ganz normal laufen oder?
(09:15:49  PM) hAcky: dann mach halt die haelfte der zeit unterhitze und die  andere haelfte oberhitze und am ende laesste es noch 5 minuten so drin :D haha
(09:15:52 PM) Smoky: ohne eines von beiden
(09:16:00 PM) Smoky: ah ok
(09:16:09 PM) Smoky: danke

HAR 2009

There is nothing more to say than: it was awesome, thank you, guys!




Hacking at Random was an outdoor hacker conference that took place in the Netherlands from August 13 to August 16, 2009.

It was situated on a large camp-site near the small town Vierhouten in the Netherlands called the Paasheuvel.

This conference was the second most recent event in a sequence that began with the Galactic Hacker Party in 1989, followed by Hacking at the End of the Universe in 1993, Hacking In Progress in 1997, Hackers At Large in 2001, and What the Hack in 2005, and succeeded by “Observe. Hack. Make.” in 2013. Like these well-known predecessors, Hacking at Random was one of the most important hacker conventions of the year, bringing together hackers and techno-enthusiasts from all over the world. But, unlike its predecessors, HAR was not a project by exactly the same people as before: there were new people involved in the organization process.

Like the previous Dutch hacker cons this event thrived by using its volunteers, and called everyone including the visitor sponsors a volunteer. Everyone was expected to do their part in making the event a success.

With over 170 talks and 3 large lecture halls, this edition was by far the largest in the series of quadrennial Dutch events.

The special side tents offering off-the-tracks program added to the open atmosphere which was manly driven by mixing technology, art and social aspects together. A custom camp currency (being copy-cat’ed using 3D printers), illuminated flying objects at night and lock picking contests during the day where accompanied by techno-dj’s generating baselines from raw-network modulation data.